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Lewis has received overwhelming feedback from teachers, parents and students.

"I am writing this letter as President of Ipswich Cares Inc, a charity founded in 2007 for the purpose of raising and distributing funds to assist tangible humanitarian projects around the globe. We decided to secure Lewis’s services for a Schools Tour throughout Ipswich to provide entertainment but also cover some key topics and issues throughout his presentation. Over two amazing days, I can say that I personally attended all 7 sessions, held at 4 schools and received by well over 1000 students from Grades 4-11. From our very first session, observing the students and teachers who engaged with the discussion and presentation, I knew that we’d made the right decision and that the session was making an impact. As I stood their witnessing each of the 7 sessions, I myself was captivated and inspired by his presentation and the message at times brought tears to my eyes as it gave not only the students plenty of things to think about and takeaway but myself and all the staff in attendance. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lewis, he has a beautiful knack of being able to tailor his act for different age groups and audiences, making him a tremendous entertainer and asset to any event or schools tour."

- Steve Hodgson (President Ipswich Cares Inc)

"Lewis came to Green Point Christian College to perform a magic show and speak to the Junior School students in our weekly Chapel time. Lewis conducted himself with a high level of professionalism. He speaks well, with clarity and enthusiasm. His performance was interesting, informative and hilariously entertaining.
Lewis has a creative ability to present relevant and important information to students in a very engaging way.

Students were attentive and were actively listening throughout the performance and Lewis effectively managed their behaviour positively. In the days that followed, students reflected enthusiastically on the performance and enjoyed discussing the magic and themes Lewis presented. As a Primary teacher, I can see the value in providing students with engaging seminars to promote their well-being. As our society becomes more technologically focused it is particularly refreshing to see students captivated by a presentation that promotes the use of their imagination and stimulates their creative thinking skills."

- Miss Laura Gourlay (Teacher Green Point Christian College)

“Lewis presented an extremely unique message that inspired our students and taught them that they can overcome the struggles they might be facing to achieve great things. I would recommend him to any school.”

– Mr. Geoff Brown (St Philips College Gosford)

“Lewis is an amazing presenter! He is old enough to share wisdom, but young enough to be relatable to our students”

– Jenni Krenske (Principal, Redeemer Lutheran College)

“Good afternoon Lewis, My son attends Narara public school. I can’t thankyou enough for bringing a smile to his face and helping with his issues. I was lucky enough to see your work first hand today while you were talking and reaching out to the kids with your magic. Your spoken-word poem was amazing!! I was watching Logan take in every word you said, for the first time in quite a while Logan looked as if someone understood. So thank you for making such a difference. Kind regards, Kelly.”
– Parent (Narara Public School)

“Hi Lewis, I just wanted to tell you that my children Blake and Ava have not stopped talking about the talk you gave today and Blake was so happy while telling me that you were so cool being able to do magic and also play the guitar and sing. It was so lovely to have my old Blake back, as he lost his Uncle recently. So I must say a big thankyou, as you were able to help Blake so much in one morning, more then I have been able to do in the last few months. So thankyou again.”
– Parent (Redeemer Lutheran College)

“Hey, I'm from Eundunda Area School and I just what to say that you made me feel something when you spoke today. It really sunk in. Now when I get bullied I know that I don’t need to let it get it to me, but I can just ignore it. I just want to say thank-you for that.”
– Student (Eundunda Area School)

“Hey Lewis, I just wanted to thankyou once again for doing what you do; for using what's in your hand to reach out to people. I guess I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate that you were able to speak directly to Brooke's heart at a time that she really needed to know that someone understands her and where she’s at. So for that I will be eternally grateful.”

– Parent (Kapunda High School)

“Lewis is energetic, passionate and marries his purpose and message with his many art forms to create a unique and life-changing performance.”
– Evan Laurie (Youth Mentor, Musicians Making A Difference)

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